I lead this project with Eléonore Lépinard, Nicky LeFeuvre and Isabel Boni-LeGoff since 2015, with the support of the Fonds National Suisse (FNS). It has lead to various publications, including articles in Law and Social Inquiry, on contemporary transformations that are changing the face of the legal professions and the legal careers in European states: mostly the globalization and feminization of legal markets.

Funded by the Fonds National Suisse (FNS), our research analyzes how young male and female lawyers balance work and family obligations, and whether organizational changes in the legal profession affect their ability to pursue their career and family objectives. Our focus is comparative and the selection of our case studies – Switzerland, France and Germany – has been designed to introduce variations in the factors potentially affecting the dynamics of the legal professions. Our articles and book chapters combine results from and surveys distributed to, Swiss, German and French lawyers, which allow us to capture new forms of alienation that lawyers feel at work, as well as the origins of their satisfaction at work and in their personal lives.



L’Europe et le mythe de la paix permanente: Les métamorphoses du pluralisme juridique au vingtième siècle

Grégoire Mallard, 2020
in Traversées de mondes : Rencontres Recherche et Création, edited by Catherine Courtet, Mireille Besson, Françoise Lavocat, and Alain Viala. CNRS edition.

12 Jun 2020